Calvary Original Dedication

                                                                            Original Dedication of Calvary

                 Before restoration                                                         After restoration

War Memorial Calvary Mod

Repaired Calvary Views on Plaque   Views on Plaque

Views on Plaque

Views on Plaque


As most of you will be aware, the Calvary was badly damaged back in 2009 when it was thought that a heavy vehicle was backed into it pushing the large stone plinth out of line and splitting one of the inscribed panels. The repairs that were carried out soon after were only meant to be temporary. As this year (2014) marks the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War the PCC recently accepted an estimate received from Co-operative Memorials to replace the cracked granite plaque and complete new lettering on it, to repaint the lettering on the existing plaques and to level up and point out the plinth. The original cost was quoted as £1255.50, but thanks to liaison  by Denise Griffiths, one of the staff at Hartland’s Co-op Memorials very generously agreed to carry out the work for £1000. A further £300 has been donated to the cost by the Pedley family in memory of Ron, and the PCC agreed to use some money that had been left in general funds , given in recent years, in memory of Mary Allen, Mary Millinson and Margaret (Marge) Webb. A further donation has been received from Doris Boucker.

There are still descendants of the men who lost their lives in the First World War who visit the Calvary from time to time to leave flowers or other tributes.

Mrs Caroline Dingle, the head-teacher of Hurst Hill Primary School is hoping that children from the school will visit the memorial during the coming months.

UPDATE.  I am pleased to report that this work has now been carried out, (June 2014) and as you can see from the photos an excellent repair has been implemented, thank you to all concerned and for all your donations and gifts towards the cost of this repair.


On the 4th August 2014 a rededication service was held to commemorate the newly restored Calvary, this was also very fitting to coincide with the outbreak of the first world war, this was attended by over 50 people, many thanks go to Fr Tim in conducting this moving and poignant service, For a look at the service sheet please click blue link below,

Rededication of Calvary Service  (sheet in PDF format may need adobe reader)

Photo’s of Re-Dedication Service

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