Welcome to our Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, where you will find information about our church, its community and the services that we can offer. For further information and general enquiries please get in touch. You may also like to visit our Sister church, Christ Church Coseley : website details are  http://ccc.infopage.org.uk

What’s on during the week, please see below.

Why not come along to any of our services at either parish, where a warm welcome awaits.

For enquiries about Weddings or Baptism’s at St Mary’s please see under BOOKINGS on main menu.

Home Communion. Please contact Priest-in- Charge, Reverend Emma Stanford or Reverend Tim Westwood If you would like to arrange a home visit. Please see under officials for telephone No’s.(Reverend Emma’s day off Mondays) Tel 01902 687283.

                               Pastoral Lay Minister  Bob Hill  01902 677087

                                                                                                                                                      Photo credit: Clipartkid.com

We are desperately in need off at least £75,000 for repairs and restoration, and to install toilets in church, this work is urgently needed for the survival and long term future of St Mary’s. If you have ever been a member of this church, or indeed it holds special memories for you and your family, we urge you to make a donation. Any amount would be greatly appreciated, knowing that you have helped to secure the future of this lovely church.

Donations can be made via the PAYPAL link on the right. St Mary’s has always been there for us, it is now our turn to be there for St Mary’s during this financially difficult time. Thank you in anticipation.

Reverend Emma and Reverend Tim.

What’s on for week commencing Monday 18th March 2019 at St Mary’s (unless stated otherwise)

Monday       18th March       1-3 pm Place of welcome : Open to all for cup of tea/chat : OPEN

Tuesday       19th March      7.00pm  Parish Surgery at Christ Church

Wednesday  20th March     10.00am    NO LOW MASS : 7.00pm Lenten Mass at SM

Thursday     21st March      10.00am   Morning Eucharist at CHRIST CHURCH

                                                6.15pm    Choir Practice at Christ Church

Friday          22nd March      1.00pm  School Visit (Rosewood)

Saturday      23rd March       ……..

Sunday         24th March     10.00am   Parish Mass

                                               6.30pm     Evening Mass                                         

Readers for  Sunday 24th March  

             10am 1st   Helen Jones : 2nd  Liz Mills  : Prayers Amanda Thomas

             Eucharistic Assistants : Mike & Ian

             6.30pm  1st : Roy Targonski: 2nd : Paul Howell : Prayers : Beryl Edwards

                                    Eucharistic Assistants Clergy

Readings  Am   1st  Isaiah 55.1-9 : 2nd  1 Corinthians 10.1-13

                  Pm   1st  Genesis 28.10-19a : 2nd John 1.35-end


Forthcoming Events for your Diary

Race Night  Saturday 6th April 2019 at 7pm, please bring your own refreshments.

Venue. Hurst Hill community centre, Hurst Road, Hurst Hill WV149EU

Tickets on sale from any member of the Pedley family. Price £5 each.


St Mary’s is now a place of welcome. Open every Monday 1-3pm,  (except Bank Holidays).

For more information, please click on logo.


 Forthcoming Services




                            Christ Church & St Mary’s Flower Tributes

Would you like flowers placed in church to mark a special occasion, like a milestone birthday, anniversary or other celebratory time? Or would you like to pay tribute to a departed loved one? if so, please contact Liz Mills or Margaret Simpkin, who will gladly arrange this for you. A suggested minimum donation of £15 can be made towards church funds, and the occasion / tribute will be marked in the Parish News. Remember your loved ones now, just place an order!


                                      Christ Church & St Mary’s Bells ringing tribute

Would you like the wonderful bells of Christ Church rung out to mark a special occasion, like a milestone birthday, anniversary, or other celebratory time? Or would you like to pay tribute to a departed loved one? If so, please contact Jason in the Parish Office or, alternatively, Bell Tower Captain Gordon Birks (g.r.birks@hotmail.co.uk) and they will gladly arrange this for you. A suggested minimum donation of £15 can be made towards the Bell Tower, and the occasion/tribute will be marked in the Parish News.


Please Support St Mary’s



St Mary’s Centre Choir (date unknown) If anyone knows the date please let me know. Sadly over half of the choir are no longer with us. Happy memories.

Some of our present choir members at St Mary’s



sweet_kidsDo you have young children? Why not join the TODDLER GROUP. Ages 0 to 5 years. Every Wednesday 1-3pm during school term. See services for more information. All welcome.


                                                                                         ADVANCED NOTICES 

Keyrings now available in church. Price £1.50. And also a selection of fridge magnets £2.00                                    

 Help to support our church. Keyring Jpeg



APPEAL  If anyone has any old photographs of St Marys Church or possibly school, can you please get in touch where we can copy them and put them in our archives! All photo’s will be returned. Please contact : Alan Hyde on 01902 679333 or at Church.


Children SocietyThe most disadvantaged children rarely suffer on just one front. We work with these children to ensure that they are loved, valued and listened to. With them we fight childhood poverty, harm and neglect. Our network of programmes includes drop-in services for runaways, children’s centres and support for young carers. We support children who are refugees from violence, and we give those in care a voice. We transform children’s lives by pressurising central and local government to protect them, and we challenge attitudes that perpetuate harm and injustice. In hard times, children are among the hardest hit. We don’t just help them survive – we help them flourish. http://www.childrenssociety.org.uk/

The parish church of St Mary the Virgin is part of the Deanery of Kingswinford in the Diocese of Worcester

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